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NE Limousines Airport Transfers Raise the Bar

To coincide with JetGo Australia’s Albury and Melbourne/Essendon flight announcements, North East Limousines have launched a luxury airport transfer service for customers in North East Victoria, Central Victoria and Southern NSW. Shelly and Arron Robinson have over 40 years experience in premium hospitality, ensuring guests’ holidays run smoothly from start to finish.

Essentials recently road-tested a Central Victoria to Essendon Airport transfer inside North East Limousines’ 8.5-metre stretch HSV Clubsport R8 limousine. We found it memorable and highly enjoyable. The three-metre panavision windows provide a unique view of your surroundings, while business people will love the 4GX Wifi with speeds up to 25Mbps. There’s an in-built PC with widescreen monitor hidden behind the bar’s mirror-finish glass splashback in case guests need some YouTube entertainment, or have to catch up on email. While the powerful 6-litre V8 can whisk 8 passengers away at speed in custom Clubsport leather seats, it provides an extremely smooth ride.

There’s also a luggage trailer capsule to keep your bags safe and ensure nothing encroaches on precious legroom. Thanks to North East Limousines, long-term parking woes and driver’s fatigue can now be a thing of the past!

Tel. 0474 440 444