The Whitsundays’ newest resort Elysian Retreat, Long Island recently opened for business. Adding a little tropical warmth to your week, we celebrate by sharing one of their in-house specialties:

Fresh As Tropical Muesli
with mascarpone, fresh tropical fruits, macadamia nut, Fresh As freeze-dried rhubarb batons and banana powder.


Toasted granola
Fresh As Freeze-dried rhubarb batons, freeze-dried banana powder
The Wild (lime & coconut muesli) used as a granola topping
Your choice of quality Australian-made alternative milks by Pure Harvest: Coco Quench (organic coconut milk), activated almond milk, unsweetened soy, aussie dream rice milk
Freshly cut tropical fruits


Serve cold, with freshly cut tropical fruits and chilled milk of choice: Dairy milk, or non dairy milks by Pure Harvest – served in side ceramic 50ml jug.

Add a generous dollop of marscapone adds a luxurious texture. The dish is completed with freeze-dried rhubarb batons for flavour ‘pop’ and crunch and a small side dusting of freeze-dried banana powder (go easy on it as it can overpower).

‘The Wild’ (lime & coconut muesli) makes a incredible granola topping as the recipe includes: Raw activated buckwheat clusters rolled in raw mesquite and lime peel oil: sprinkled with crunchy coconut chips, dried inca berries, raw nuts, prebiotic rich tigernuts and seeds.

Poolside at Elysian Retreat, Long Island
Poolside at Elysian Retreat, Long Island

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