Don Giovanni Limoncello

Small Batch - Hand Made in Melbourne, including: Limoncello, Mandarino & Blood Orange Liqueurs. Recommended.


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Temperamental – Celebrating the life and music of Christina Amphlett

Whatever took me so long: I’d been a fan of Chrissy Amphlett and Divinyls since the release of their 1983 Monkey Grip EP, yet it…

A Tavola! Cooking School No. #29 – Essentials Top 100 Travel 2015

There’s a warm apple strudel on the outside table and the aroma of fresh fruit fills the air. It’s mid-morning in the King Valley and…

Coal-Fired BBQ Butterfish with Romesco Sauce & Waldorf Salad

Coal-Fired Kettle BBQ Butterfish Fresh butterfish fillets, cut into 10cm lengths Method 1. Using a coal-fired BBQ kettle, burn coals for 40-50 minutes, until coals…

Cool White Vinification

Logically, many Australian winemakers growing vines in our cooler climates admire and study techniques developed in some of Europe’s greatest wine regions such as Alsace…

Penny Grant, Sommelier, Blackbird Bar & Grill No.#13 – Essentials Top 100 Travel 2015

Penny Grant, whose passion for wine started as a kid, picking and stomping grapes with close family friends at BlackJack wines in central Victoria, decided…

Noosa National Park No.#14 – Essentials Top 100 Travel 2015

A motley, well camouflaged lace monitor lizard slowly crawls through the leaf strewn forest floor, the white flecks on its skin mimicking the sunlight, the…

Miss Clara – Stockholm, Sweden

High ceilings, expansive windows and grand rooms have been preserved in one of Stockholm’s most treasured buildings: the former Ateneum girl’s school, built in 1910…

Confit Duck Leg – Recipe

Confit Duck Leg with pommes de terre sarladaise (potatoes cooked in duck fat), butter lettuce with fresh herb vinaigrette Serves 4 Confit duck & roasted…

Eugene Von Guérard ’s Kosciusko: The Real Story

The sky had a ‘threatening look’ about it when Georg von Neumayer and his party reached the summit of Mount Kosciuszko on the morning of…

Saké Restaurant and Bar Melbourne

Essentials dropped in to Saké Melbourne to explore menu items and premium sake presented by Chef Shaun Presland. Saké is easy to find: just aim for the cool…

Essentials Magazine Australia:

Why? Because we love it! - Essentials Magazine Australia for the latest news and reviews on food, wine, hotels and more!

Real journalism, passion for historically significant photography and telling a great story is what we’re about. Visit Essentials Magazine Australia for the latest news and reviews on food, wine, hotels, art and design trends. Take a trip between the covers and you’ll find style with purpose – smart layout, crisp, colourful images and well researched an written articles. Essentials Magazine has a well established, dedicated readership from travel-savvy Gen-Xs to high income Baby Boomers, who enjoy an eclectic content mix of food, wine, arts and culture.

Essentials Magazine Australia was launched in March of 2006, and is the brain child of owner/editor Jamie Durrant, son of renowned Australian photo realist artist Ivan Durrant. Ivan Durrant also contributes to the magazine, writing Australian art features. Essentials Magazine began as a limited release tourism only publication, distributed across High Country Victoria, Australia. Today, the magazine is distributed nationally by Gordon and Gotch into over 2000 retail outlets Australia wide. Content wise, it today features both Australian and international culture, food, wine, art and travel articles..

In May 2012, Essentials Magazine launched a debut iPad magazine internationally. iMonitor, a global app ranking program run by McPheters, that assesses more than 5000 magazine and newspaper apps around the world, is seen as one of the leading ranking programs in the sector. iMonitor judges apps on navigation, stability and rich interactivity. Essentials Magazine was featured by McPheters as the highest-scoring new international magazine app (May, 2012). Essentials Magazine app for iPad scored 13, which put it in the 96th percentile for apps – a rank that includes major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Australian Gourmet Traveller and American Express Food & Wine Magazine. Essentials is currently available on Magzter in device formats including: iOS, Android, Kindle & PC.