Married to the Sea Ceramics, based in the seaside town of Sunshine Beach, (near Noosa Heads) Queensland, produces handmade stoneware and porcelain pieces using Australian clay. Each piece emphasises  simplicity of design through colour, shape, line, form and texture.

The designs are free flowing, natural-toned and textural – crafting an elemental sense of calm. Studio visitors can choose from various collections (Squid Ink, Granite and others) and a range of custom glazes including a clean, milky whitewash, a natural river silt-sand washed grey, clean high gloss finishes and other magical and bright sea-influenced tones. All are versatile and can be mixed and matched; there are shapes and sizes to suit every earthenware lover.

The studio produces individual dinnerware pieces for the home, restaurants and bars. All ceramics are high-fired and are dishwasher and food safe. The products make beautiful collector pieces or gifts, and are a genuine favourite of the Essentials’ team.

Married to the Sea
Sunshine Beech, Queensland

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