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Essentials Summer issue in-store today!

We’re excited to announce this week’s NEW release of Essentials Magazine summer, an extended  issue featuring Aboriginal Exhibitions at Rutherglen Estates (special Dhungala exhibition feature), Summer BBQ recipes, Hobart Dining (designer plates post MONA) plus brilliant ‘Celebration Feast’ alternative food ideas to help you create a new Christmas and New Year share plate menu.

In News Agencies Australia-wide today, we’re inviting you to feel happy this summer with Essentials. Explore Australia’s freshest food/lifestyle magazine featuring a generous mix of content including food, wine, art, people and places.

Also inside the December-January issue: Cocktails by Heston Blumenthal, new art by Prue Acton, Sydney chef Stefano Manfredi, cooking with single varietal honeys, Bondi Opals, Hobart’s Macq01 Hotel, luxury cruising the Adriatic coast and islands and much more.

Why not consider visiting your friendly neighbourhood News Agency today to explore our new issue in print. You can find us in the food section.

To find a local News Agency in Australia selling Essentials please view this PDF file: http://www.essentialsmagazine.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Essentials-Magazine-Find-a-Copy-Dec-Jan-2017-18.pdf