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Artistan: Ryan L. Foote

Ceramicist, artist, chocolatier or architect? You be the judge. Melbourne artist Ryan Foote travels Australia and the world producing and exhibiting everything from masterful ceramics to designer chocolates, the latter taking on unusual geometric shapes, similar to his all-white porcelain plates.

Celebrated both in art galleries and restaurants, his bubble-glazed plates and platters resemble brilliant underwater worlds in blue, or a roiling red solar mass of flares and sunspots. He was recently commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria to produce a series of hand-painted plates to coincide with the Van Gogh Seasons exhibition; and his brightly coloured bubbles feature in the Essentials winter 2017 Australian recipes collection, see: http://www.essentialsmagazine.com.au/recipes/roasted-broccoli-and-cauliflower-with-spicy-citrus-dukka/.

While we’re waiting on an official Australian launch of his designer chocolate boxes, his one-off fine ceramics and porcelain pieces, already recognised as prized collectors items, are available for purchase. Ryan – we love your work, mate.